The SBO (small businesses online) Project is a blog to host my research on the subject of small businesses going into the internet marketing realm. Many small businesses are putting their products and services on the internet for the world to see. Some small business websites are made solely to advertise their services and provide a way for consumers/clients to find them; other businesses go as far as putting all of their services or products online. I would like to create an argument directed towards small businesses owners to persuade them to put their businesses out on the web but in a manner best suited for their business.

Every business is different and has a place in the free market. Obviously one type of web presence will not work for every business. For example: A construction business probably doesn’t have any use for an e-commerce type website, but it would benefit from a website showcasing their projects to show the public their work. A local clothing store on the other hand might benefit from a small e-commerce website to boost sales from people who live far away.

In a nutshell, I am doing research to help out the small business owner who may or may not be thinking about stepping into the digital world of the World Wide Web.

I hope to gather more information on this subject and get your feedback to add valuable information to this site to finally put together a research paper.  In addition to this paper, I would like to have the start of an information database on this blog for business owners to find the right solution for getting their business online.  Please stay tuned for updates, surveys, interviews from experts in the field, and more.

-Clinton Buchanan

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