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The Social Revolution

Very well made video putting in perspective the new rise of social media.  Erik Qualman put together this video and along with his book “Socialnomics” that explains the importance of businesses using social media to market to their customers.  He might call it socialnomics but sense I really can’t say it clearly and economics is a big word for me, I call it “social marketing.”  Whatever you call it, it really is just you and your business getting into the conversation with your customers.  Check it out!


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Very impressive website to help your small business get on its feet with the latest marketing tools.  Very affordable and diverse.

Even more is this nifty chart about the benefits of using social media in your business marketing plan.  This really shows where successful small businesses are going and how they connect to their customers.

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Duct Tape Marketing

Ever wanted to get your business into the social media realm? Here on, John Jantsch offers marketing helps for the changing market.  I looked through, and liked this document that explains why and how your business can incorporate social media into your marketing plan.  Give it a look-over!

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